While you’re here, consider signing up for the pre-conference Plan to Protect® seminar hosted by Winning Kids Inc before Elevate Conference.  

  • Admin/Leader: Learn how to administer, implement and maintain a strong abuse prevention program. Course includes: Plan to Protect® 101, Reporting and Response, Customizing Policies, Recruitment and Screening, and Documentation Management. Participants receive a policy template. 
  • Train the Trainer: Learn how to train volunteers and staff within your abuse prevention program. Participants receive PowerPoints, Teaching Notes, Student Notes and Creative Methods for Orientation and Refresher training. 


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TRACK 1 : Plan to Protect® Focus

Orientation & Certification - 3 HOURS

One of the first steps in protecting your organization is through abuse prevention training. Our three-hour Plan to Protect® Orientation training will equip you and your team to recognize the different types of abuse as well as implement and maintain policies and procedures to protect vulnerable persons in your organization and community. Plan to Protect® Orientation training satisfies insurance requirements for initial abuse protection training*, helps to remove obstacles to organizational accountability, and keeps both caregivers and vulnerable individuals safe.

TRACK 2 : Special Needs Focus

Shepherding Kids with ADHD - 1.5 hours

AD/HD can make church a difficult place for a child to blossom in their Christian walk. Medications that help may even complicate things when it is time for church. Gain an understanding of the biology of AD/HD, and load up on tools and ideas you can try tomorrow that will equip you to lead each child to grow in their faith.

Understanding God's Wonderful Spectrum in Kids with Autism
- 1.5 hours

With 1 in 68 children being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it is likely that your church already includes someone with ASD. If you are a ministry leader, church school teacher or church volunteer, discover specific ways to identify, interact with, and teach those with ASD. Using six key areas of difference, this session will take several best practices in special education and apply them to a church setting. Leave with a toolbox full of new ideas to try right away!

TRACK 3 : Leadership Focus

Family Ministry Essentials for Lifetime Faith - 1.5 HOURS

Are you looking for a family ministry strategy? Come explore the 7 Family Ministry Essentials and discover practical tools to empower families to take spiritual leadership in the home, teach Scripture as the ultimate authority of truth, and understand the role of the Holy Spirit's power to teach and transform.

Volunteer Revolution -1.5 hours

We know that the future of a church is directly tied to its ability to attract, equip, and unleash the God-given potential of volunteers. Yet, it is one of a leader’s biggest challenge. Leaders often feel that there are not enough people to do the things they want to do. What if the God who inspired the vision would also provide the “man power” to see it fulfilled? In this session, we will share practical ways to recruit, train, encourage and retain those in your church to create a volunteer revolution.