Kids and Social Media | Victoria Bissell

From the moment children and youth wake up until they go to bed, there are things beeping, buzzing and tweeting at them trying to get them on-line. A MediaSmarts national survey found that 99% of students have access to internet outside of school, 54% of teens use their cell phones daily and 39% sleep with their cell phones. The majority of young people are using this technology unsupervised. What apps and websites are they visiting? Are they safe? This workshop will give you practical tips for talking to your children about internet and technology safety and tips for monitoring their activity online. We will also address appropriate ways for communicating with minors online. Plan to Protect® for the 21st century!

Children’s Ministry Where Everyone is Welcome: Inclusion Strategies | Tory White

With some modifications, teachers, volunteers, and mentors can implement low-cost tools to best support children and youth who struggle with attention, interpreting sensory input, and reading and writing. With the proper supports in place, you can enable them to experience the full life of your school or church and allow them to utilize their gifts. 

“Mighty Ones – Teen Edition…Tapping Into Your Superhero Strengths for Your Children’s ministry.” | Monica Columbus

Hands on games, strategies, ideas and tips to help kids, and to help your adult teacher and get everyone excited about God and His Word. This engaging workshop to specially designed for students grade 6-9. 

Small Church, Big Impact | Charmaine Findley

Starting a children’s ministry and building it from the ground up can be a challenging process. If you serve in a church plant, a church with few or no kids, or in a small rural congregation and have a passion to reach and disciple children, this workshop is for you. Outreach strategies and practical tips will be shared that will inspire and equip you to reach the next level in your local church context. 

Building Your Dream Team | Dave Solmes

Before you are a leader success is all about growing yourself. Once you are a leader success is all about growing others. Good leaders recognize that success comes from the chemistry of different strengths and viewpoints.  Team work makes the dream work. There are no short cuts.  This workshop will discuss how it takes more than a good leader and a good vision to move things ahead.

Leading A Value Based Ministry | Dave Solmes

Someone who is able to build a long-lasting, high performing team, organization, or community is someone who gives constant consideration to not only what they do, but how they do what they do.  This type of leading is all about living according to a deeply held value system. Values driven organizations are the most successful organizations on the planet. This workshop will discuss how the real role of a leader is to manage the values of the group. 

Mighty New Directions in Family Ministry
| Brian Siewert

Family ministry has changed a lot over the past decade.  Discover the latest innovations, ideas, tools, and practical models for family ministry that will work for almost any church, no matter the size.  This look at the fresh face of family ministry will inspire you in new ways as you minister to kids, teens, and parents.  Most importantly, the concept of family ministry will make a lot more sense.

Human rights and Gender Identity | Melodie Bissell

This training will provide an introduction to the issues of Human Rights and Gender Identity that may arise within organizations that service the vulnerable sector. Melodie Bissell, the President and CEO of Plan to Protect®, will share definitions and recommendations on demonstrating sensitivity and understanding within the context of a safe and welcoming environment. Best practices will be provided as it relates to screening on staff, washroom guidelines, change rooms, and overnight. We will include recommendations for responding to inquiries, parental concerns, supervision and oversight. We will also provide case studies for discussion and learning purposes. Let's raise the bar on protection!

Behaviour Speaks | Tory White

This session will equip church volunteers, leaders, and parents with multiple tools to support individuals with unique behavioural needs. While we will cover some strategies for including individuals with intense behaviour needs, participants will leave with a framework to use when interacting with all individuals in their home or church settings.

Spirit-Led, Family Empowered & Gospel Centered Preteen Ministry Strategies
| Megan Marshman

You’re a busy youth leader with a passion for seeing students impassioned by the gospel. Your dream is to strategically inspire them towards a dependency on the Holy Spirit, support them as they seek to live out a vibrant faith as disciples, all while empowering and equipping their parents as the primary influencers. How do you prioritize your time? Where do you start? Join us as we discuss strategies for a dynamic preteen ministry.

Buffet Extraordinaire | Ken McDonald

Ken will be presenting the top 10 questions asked of children’s pastors, several different curricula, as well as offering a time of question and answer to help you in your children’s ministry area.

Effective Response time | Charmaine Findlay

More than teaching stories and principles of faith, our deep desire is to create an environment that invite kids and preteens to experience the transformative presence of God. In this workshop, Charmaine will give practical tips to help students hear the voice of God and respond to it. Through various object lessons and exercise, she will equip you to lead effective response time in your everyday ministry.

Crucial Conversations | Mick Nelson

There are moments in life of disproportionate influence, moments where how someone behaves and speaks has an enormous effect on every result they care about. A crucial conversation is a discussion between two or more people where stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong. When we face crucial conversations, we can do one of three things: We can avoid them, we can face them and handle them poorly, or we can face them and handle them well. Ironically, the more crucial the conversation, the less likely we are to handle it well.  People who are most influential and who get things done are those who have mastered crucial conversations.
In this workshop, Mick Nelson will introduce a way of handling the crucial conversations in our personal and work lives that can significantly improve the results we really want.  The principles and skills of Crucial Conversations can dramatically improve the quality of your relationships, the strength of your teams and the effectiveness of your organization.